Laska Care
Laska Care

Contact: Gary Binns
Position: Director
Telephone: 07960 820843

Type of Provision: Residential Children’s Homes, 16+ accommodations, Floating Support and Educational Services
Total number of children’s homes & other services: 3
Total number of registered beds: 6
Size range of homes: 1-2 bed
Age range on admission: 11-17 years
Specialist services: Providing care and accommodation for children with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties (EBD).
Other education provision: Whilst a fulltime education placement is sought, full and part time on-site education can be provided.
Therapeutic provision: A partner agency, where commissioned, will provide therapeutic packages of work.


Laska Care and Education Ltd, established in 2016, provides a range of services to children and people with complexed needs, who may have emotional and/or behavioural difficulties or mild learning disabilities. We are an experienced provider who have work with children and young people presenting as high risk in terms of self-harm, Child Sexual Exploitation and drug misuse. We have provided step down packages of care/support to young people leaving secure units and to those who are moving towards independence.

The services provided by the company include residential children’s homes, 16+ accommodation and support, floating support and where requested by the local authority, educational packages. We work with a partner agency who are able to provide specialist therapeutic services on a needs basis. Laska Care and Education’s staff, management and leadership teams work in partnership with all the professionals involved in the children and young people’s care/support to ensure the plans to achieve best outcomes are understood, communicated, and progressed.

The aim of Laska Care and Education is to create environments where children and young people live, feel safe, are empowered to take control of their lives and to be educated in making safe, responsible choices. Many of our children and young people enter our service at a time of crisis and may have experienced trauma, neglect, abuse and loss. Our staff team work hard to build positive relationships with the individuals; supporting them to effectively manage each situation.